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Pete's Gluten Free


Pete's Gluten Free


Welcome to Pete's Gluten Free!

Pete's Gluten Free is a full service commercial kitchen that offers a wide range of products, including mouth-watering breads, pies both savory and fruit, pizza crusts, cakes, squares, muffins, and desserts. A gluten, corn, soy, nut and peanut free facility. 

Gluten free foods you will love! 

Peter, a holistic nutritionists, created a healthier gluten free option, using only ingredients you can pronounce out loud  and strives to enhance peoples' health with real food, bringing the highest quality products to the forefront. My goal is to create and develop options with delicious textures and flavors that are not baked with the use of corn, soy, potato, white rice or modified starches, very uncommon in the current market. 


Soft and Delicious

Our breads are soft and moist with a delicate texture, and unlike many other gluten free breads, they do not need to be toasted to be enjoyed. They are not only gluten, corn, soy, potato, bean/legume, nut and peanut free, but also free from dairy, casein, lactose and white rice, with varieties like pumpernickel, like-rye, raisin, sandwich and our healthiest yet the quinoa multi grain, they’re so delicious you’ve got to try them all! 


Pizza Crusts

We make our pizza crusts with our healthy S.M.A.R.T. Flour blend. We carry a viarety of sizes . 8, 10, 12 and even a 15 inch with customization on the thickness for all food service needs.


Fresh from our ovens, we cater to every sweet tooth with a variety of delectable desserts – from cookies and squares to cakes, and pies. Options can be vegan, casein, corn, white rice, and soy free. Pete’s Gluten Free means you can still have your cake and eat it too!

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Eat S.M.A.R.T.

Eat S.M.A.R.T.

Our Secret Ingredient?

After years of trial and error in our kitchen, we have developed an exclusive gluten free flour mix of whole non GMO grains and seeds that bakes up perfectly every time. We call this exclusive flour mixture “S.M.A.R.T.” after it’s primary ingredients. That’s our secret ingredient, and now we sell it on it’s own, so you can bake and enjoy it at home too. We’ve struck the perfect balance – and it’s exclusive to Pete’s. 

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Define S.M.A.R.T.

As a holistic nutritionist, understanding that baking shares many chemistry characteristics, you need vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fiber, to create the chemical reactions needed to produce nutritious foods that have taste and texture.

Whole grains and seeds like Sorghum, Millet and Brown Rice has fed parts of India, Africa, and China for centuries and provides easy to digest nutritious baking flour. These flours are never striped, bleached or processed.

Sorghum, Millet, Arrowroot, brown Rice and Tapioca – a healthy mix of whole non GMO grains and seeds, that’s what “smart” means to us. Our breads provide an excellent source of antioxidants and contains 2/3 whole grains and seeds.

As a result S.M.A.R.T. provides naturally occurring protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals like a B-complex, iron, and folic acid, plus all our breads are naturally preserved with elements of Vitamin C.

Did you know that S.M.A.R.T. naturally provides a 35% serving of Iron, coupled with cocoa and molasses ends up providing you with a 60% serving of encapsulated iron (vitamin C) digestible iron in our pumpernickel bread.

We choose not to use casein (dairy), corn, soy, canola, potato, nuts, or peanuts, as they are either GMO, a major allergen or part of the nightshade family of vegetables which can be inflammatory to the body. 


Pete's Gluten Free Fans

We look forward to having you visit our factory outlet  in person, but it’s good to know that Pete’s Gluten Free is spreading fast throughout the Ottawa/Gatineau region.   

Fresh bread deliveries on mondays and Thursday. (Saturdays Farm Boy only)


Pete's Gluten Free Fans

We look forward to having you visit our factory outlet  in person, but it’s good to know that Pete’s Gluten Free is spreading fast throughout the Ottawa/Gatineau region.   

Fresh bread deliveries on mondays and Thursday. (Saturdays Farm Boy only)


  • Boite à Grain (Hull / Gatineau/Plateau)

  • Le Marché Hintonburg

  • MacMillans Orchards Ajax (Freezer + Bakery)

  • Produce Depot (Carling)

  • Rainbow Foods

  • Sol (Aylmer)

  • The Butcher Shop (Brockville)

  • The Cheddar Stop (Carleton Place) Freezer

  • FreshCo (Carleton Place) Freezer

Metro (Fresh and Frozen)

(Bakery and the freezers)

  • McKeen's Metro (Glebe)

  • Perth

  • Renfrew

Your Independent Grocer    (AFTER 3PM)        

(Bakery, Natural Value section and Frozen)

  • Andress' (Smiths Falls)

  • Barnabe's (Perth)

  • Brown's (Stittsville)

  • Bullocks (Huntsville)

  • Chris’ (Sudbury)

  • Davis' (Port Hope)

  • Fisher’s (Beaverton)

  • Hyskas YIG (Petawawa)

  • Jonsson's (Kemptville)

  • Larabie’s (Kapuskasing)

  • Laurin (Hawkesbury)

  • Massine's (Ottawa)

  • Mitchell's (Carleton Place)

  • Moncion's (Gloucester-Barrhaven)

  • O' Reilly's (Prescott)

  • Parker’s (North Bay)

  • Patrice's (Almonte)

  • Racine's YIG (Embrum)

  • Rileys YIG (Ottawa)

  • Rome’s (Sault St. Marie)

  • Sirard’s (Marathon)

  • Smylie's (Trenton) (Freezer)

  • Tanner’s (Espanola)

  • Todd’s YIG (Haliburton)

  • Terry’s (Gravenhurst)

FoodLand (frozen)

  • Russel

  • Vankleek Hill

  • Winchester

  • Eganville

  • Ingleside



(Any discounted breads are to be enjoyed toasted from your freezer for the next 4 months)

  • Cornwall – Sydney St.

  • Kingston – Futures Gate

  • Ottawa – Barrhaven

  • Ottawa – Blossom Park

  • Ottawa – Blue Heron Mall

  • Ottawa – Britannia

  • Ottawa – Hillside

  • Ottawa – Kanata (Hazeldean)

  • Ottawa – Kanata (Signature Centre)

  • Ottawa – Nepean

  • Ottawa – Orleans (Place D’orléans)

  • Ottawa – Orleans (Tenth Line)

  • Ottawa – Stittsville

  • Ottawa – Train Yards

  • Ottawa – Westboro

  • Ottawa - Rideau

  • Toronto - Shoppes of Alderwood

  • London - Beaverbrook

  • London - Masonville

  • London - Wellington Rd.

  • Brantford - King George Rd.

  • Cambridge - Hespeler Rd.

  • Kitchener - Fairway Rd.

  • Hamilton - Mohawk Rd.

  • Pickering - Pickering Town Centre

  • Whitby - Tauton Gardens



  • Angelucci’s

  • Arturos

  • Atomica Wine Bar

  • Backdrop

  • Cafe Late Cino

  • Cheezy Luigi

  • Carlton University (Armark food court & Student Residence)

  • CRAFT beer market

  • Cyrannos (North Gower)

  • Da Santino

  • Fiazza (6 Locations)

  • Firestone Group at Luxe

  • Fratelli’s Restaurant Kanata

  • Fratelli’s Restaurant Westboro

  • Fresco Elgin

  • Gabriel Pizza (45 locations)

  • Grounded Café

  • Isabella Pizza

  • Johnny Farina

  • La Dolce Vita

  • Louis Pizza

  • Maison Aubrey

  • Marcello's (Preston St.)

  • Marius (2 Locations)

  • Megalos

  • Pizza Mamma Jen

  • Play Food & Wine

  • Really Lebanese

  • Roberto Pizza

  • Rooster (Carleton U)

  • Tennessy Willems

  • The Grand

  • The Table Restaurant

  • Thyme & Again

  • Tommys Restaurant

  • Tosca (2 locations)

  • Wilf and Ads's

  • Willy's Pizza (5 locations)

  • Zolas


  • Falsetto Fine Foods

  • Ital Foods

  • Tannis (Gabriel's - Royal Crown)




New Factory outlet

5390 Canotek road,  unit 20
Gloucester On

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(613) 695-9599